How to Install Wamp Server on Windows and Configuration

What is Wamp?

Wamp Server is a Platform where you can easily develop and test Web applications locally on your PC. Wamp Server contains stacks of Apache web server, MySQL database, and PHP compiler. It fulfills the All needs for a web developer. It is mainly used to create web server locally on Windows PC.

Wamp server is a good software to test a web application or website before uploading it to live server. It is a very useful software for web developers. It creates a web server locally on your PC to boost up your testing than a live server. This takes you ahead from instant purchasing of Domain name and Hosting plan.

you can first make your web application and with taking the time, you can buy a domain name and hosting plan and live your website.

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 You must Install these before Wamp Server Installation:

Before installing the Wamp Server you must ensure that these are absolutely installed on your PC, otherwise, Wampserver will not run on your system, and you need to install these elements after uninstalling the Wampserver.

Those elements are nothing but have very importance in the installing of Wampserver, and the name of those elements are  Microsoft Visual C++  redistributable packages. Maybe you hear about that or already Installed on your system, If you, you can install Wamp server directly without Installing them.

You can Download it from Microsoft official Website or Download the complete zip file from below Link:

Not want to any error, Install both versions of Microsoft Visual and then Install Wamp server. Now we go for Wamp Server Installation.


How to Install Wamp Server steps:

1. Download Wampserver

Wamp server is freely available to all on the Wampserver official website. You can download either 32-bit or 64-bit as your requirement both are available on the website. If you don’t know your bit configuration you can download 32-bit version because 32-bit run on both 32-bit as well as 64-bit. So first download Wamp server and if you downloaded already, go to the next step.


2. Install Wamp Server

Start the Installation of the downloaded software and follow the instructions

1. First, Choose your language as comfortable to you.

2. Then accept the agreement and click next on the next following screens and the last Click on the Install. In between them, it asks you to choose installation location in which already written c:\wamp64. So you can use it as it is or you can change this by browsing them. Click on Next for the start menu folder page.


wamp install


3. Wait some minute when it installing on your computer, after installing process next window is open which is asking for the selecting of Browser. Which is by default explorer if you want to choose another browser click Yes and then choose the browser which you want like chrome.

4. Then it asks you to select the Text Editor which is by default your system notepad. So if you want to change the Text Editor Click on Yes and choose as preferred.

The Installation is complete now you can use your Wamp Server.

wampserver install

Problems Related to Wamp Server:

  • The Wamp server icon not changes from Red to Green means it still Red.
  • The Wamp Server icon not changes from Orange to Green means it still Orange.

These problems are arises when the components are not Installed properly. As I discuss above Install properly the Visual C++ packages because they are very important to Wamp server. So install properly Microsoft Visual C++ packages.

If any Problems occur on your system other than these then you can frequently ask me in the comment. I will surely help out from those error from my best effort.


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