How To Take Complete Backup of Your Blogger Post

Blogger  is  a  free  Blogging  service  provided  by  Google  hence  its  have  own  limitations.  One  of  the  bigger  limitation  is  that  it  is  controlled  by  Google  so  you  are  not  Violates  any  content  policy  of  Blogger.  If  you  are  violating  any  content  policy  of  Blogger ,  Google  has  rights  to  delete  your  Blog  without  your  permission.  If  you  are  want  to  stay  clear  then  first  read  the  content  policy  of  Google.  So  you  are  advised  to  take  backup  of  your  blogger  Blog  and  its  contents  time  to  time.

Taking Backup of Blogger Blog:

You  can  take  .xml  format  which  you  can  store  in  your  computer  or  any  cloud  storage  for  further  any  risk.  It  is  little  difficult  to  take  backup  time  to  time.  You  can  take  backup  weekly  or  monthly.

backup page setting


You  can  go  into  your  Blog’ s  Settings>> Others  then  you  will  see  page  like  above.  Click  on  Back up content.  and  then  you  will  see  a  popup  page  in  which  you  Click  on  Save  on  your  computer.  Then  it  will  save  your  profile  locally  in  your  computer.

A  Better  advise  that  save  your  file  in  google drive  or  Dropbox  or  any  cloud  storage  which  suitable  you.  The  Benefit  of  saving  your  file  in  cloud  storage  is  that  you  can  access  those  file  from  anywhere  in  any  computer.


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