What is Google Analytics?- An Introduction

Today,  let’s  know  about  Google  analytics.  At  that  instant,  a  question  is  arise  in  your  mind  ” What is Google Analytics?”.

So  Let’s  discuss  Google  Analytics-

Google  analytics  is  a  free  web  analytics  tool  offered  by  Google.  Which  tracks  and  report  your  website  traffic  in  the  form  of  pie  chart  and  graph.

Before  starting  Google  analytics,  you  should  know  terms  uses  in  google  analytics  for  better  understanding.

  • Audience-  It  reports  information  about  your  visitors  in  the  segmented  form  of  Interest,  Geo,  Technology,  Mobile,  and  etc.
  • Acquisition-  It  shows  from  where  visitors  landing  on  your  page  or  website.  It  can  be  from  the  search  engine,  Adwords,  Social  media  or  from  your  campaigns.
  • Behavior-  It  shows  the  behaviours  of  your  website  like  site  speed,  site  content,  site  flow  and  site  events.
  • Bounce  Rate-  Bounce  rate  is  the  percentage  of  the  single  page  visits.  It  means  the  percentage  of  that  users  who  leaves  your  website  without  opening  another  page.
  • Campaigns-  Campaigns  allows  you  to  add  custom  campaign  parameter  to  any  URLs  from  your  website  to  getting  more  information  to  your  referral  traffic.  See  which  campaign  sends  traffic  to  your  website.
  • Conversions-  Conversion  contains  data  about  how  many  times  your  goal  completed.
  • Goals-  Goals  are  the  way  to  measure  how  well  your  targeted  actions  are  completed.  You  can  set  up  individual  goals  for  discrete  actions  like  Thank  you  for  registering!  page,  download  complete  screen  and  etc.
  • New  Sessions-  It  shows  the  estimated  percentage  of  first  time  engaged  users  ( New  users ).
  • Page views-  It  shows  how  many  time  your  pages  viewed  in  a  selected  time  period.
  • Pages/Session-  This  is  the  average  number  of  pages  views  per  session.
  • Sessions-  It  shows  the  number  of  engaged  users  of  all  returning  users  and  new  users.
  • Users-  Who  have  at  least  one  time  engaged  to  your  website.


Google  analytics  ( www.analytics.google.com )  is  a  free  tool  to  track  information  about  your  users.  How  they  perform  on  your  website.  That  can  be  either  an  E-commerce  website  or  can  be  a  Blog.  It  doesn’t  matter  what  type  of  website  you  running,  all  you  need  the  information  about  your  customer’s  journey.  As  a  business  owner  or  a  marketer,  having  information  about  your  customers  must  be  helpful.  It  allows  you  to  take  the  informed  decision  that  is  very  helpful  to  grow  your  business  that  does  Google  Analytics.  Google  analytics  tracks  and  report  all  journey  of  your  customers  on  your  website.

Home  Page

When  you  logged  in  with  your  google  account  in  Analytics.  You  land  on  the  Home  page  containing  a  list  of  all  of  the  websites  which  you  have  set  in  your  account.  The  list  shows  some  basic  data  like  Sessions,  Avg.  sessions,  Bounce  Rate  and  Goal  conversion  rate.

google analytics home


You  can  set  the  time  range  for  a  particular  time  period.  You  can  also  search  a  particular  website  in  the  search  bar  if  you  have  a  lots  of  websites  on  your  list.


After  that,  If  you  want  to  see  more  data  about  a  specific  website  click  on  the  corresponding  website.  Then you  see  a  Reporting  page  consisting  of  all  data  about  your  Audience.  You  can  see  Sessions,  Users,  Page views,  Pages/Sessions  and  etc.  You  can  also  see  the  percentage  of  New  visitors  and  Returning  visitors  in  the form  of  the  pie  chart.

Reporting image


On  the  left  side  of  the  page,  you  can  see  a  Toolbar  as  shown  below.

Menu image


On  which  you  can  see  the  Dashboard,  Shortcuts,  Intelligence  Events,  Real-Time,  Audience,  Acquisition,  Behaviour  and  Conversions.


On  the  Dashboards,  you  can  see  graphs  of  New  users,  Users,  Sessions,  Sessions  by  Browser,  Bounce  rate,  Revenue  and  Goals  completion.

dashboards image



shortcuts image

In  Shortcuts,  You  can  save  your  shortcuts  to  reach  fast  where  you  want.  Like  I  save  shortcuts  for  Audience  overview,  Devices  and  Network  referrals.  You  can  save  any  tool  into  shortcuts  by  just  clicking  on  the  shortcut  button  ( upper  right  of  the  tool ).

shortcut image


Intelligence  Events

In  Intelligence  events,  you  can  set  alerts  whenever  it  occurs,  it  sends  you  an  email.  You  can  set  alerts  like  suddenly  change  in  sessions  or  bounce  rate  and  etc.


Real-time  shows  you  how  many  visitors  are  engaged  currently  at  that  time.  In  other  words,  you  can  understand  like  this,  when  your  friends  are  online  on  Facebook,  the  chat  room  shows  him/her  online.  In this  when  a  visitor  online  on  your  website  this  shows  him/her  as  the  active  user.

real time image



In  Audience  section,  It  gives  the  information  about  Visitors.  His/Her  location,  Technology  ( Browser  and  OS) used,  Which  device  is  used,  His/Her  behaviour  like  New  or  Returning  visitor,  the  frequency  of  sessions  and much  more  about  users.  The  images  are  shown  in  reporting  page  section.


It  shows  how  the  visitors  are  land  on  your  site.  It  can  be  either  from  organic  search,  from  Referral,  from  Social  or  from  Direct,  can  be  also  from  AdWords  or  through  Campaigns.

acquisition image



Behavior  shows  the  behaviour  of  your  site.  How  can  they  perform  according  to  visitors?  It  shows  site  speed,  site  flow  and  others  properties  of  your  site.


Conversions  contain  Goals.  It  is  specially  used  for  sales  funnel.  You  can  see  how  many  visitors  are  converted  into  the  sale.  You  can  see  Product  performance,  sales  performance  and  also  transactions.


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