What is WampServer and How can you use in Blogging?

what is wampserver


WAMP – Windows  Apache  MySQL  PHP

First, We Discuss What is Wampserver?

Actually, wamp server is a type of software stack which contains a few of stack software in it Like Apache, MySQL and PHP. It is mainly used to create an environment of Windows Server in which you can check, build and see how it react on the web, locally on your PC without launching it on the web server. it is a very powerful tool to see reactions of your web application without launching on the web server, Yes Locally on your PC without any cost.

You have not required to purchasing a Domain and a hosting Plan to testing your web applications. When you build your web application, you can now purchase your Domain and Hosting server to live your website on Network. Show to the World what you can do.

Let’s know about stacks containing in the Wamp server:

Apache: Apache is a free and open-source web server software and mostly used in the server software. It is developed and maintains by Apache Software Foundation. Actually, your mind continuously clicking on the what is web server?

Simply you can understand from Name Web + Server –Delivery Boy of Web Pages means serves the web pages.

Apache is quite fast and reliable and also very secure. The most WordPress hosting uses the Apache as their web server.

MySQL:  MySQL is an RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System) based Structured query language (SQL). It runs about on all platform including Linux, Unix, Windows and also on MacOS. It is mainly used for Web applications as their Database Management System.

PHP:  PHP is an abbreviation of Hypertext PreProcessor. It is a server-side scripting language mainly used for Web development. At this time what you reading is coded in PHP on the Back side and you see the colourful website on your front.

What You can do with Wamp Server:

  • You can use wamp server in web development.
  • Install WordPress locally on your PC by using Wamp Server.
  • You can Test any Theme before launching on WordPress locally on your PC.
  • You can modify your WordPress theme locally on your PC and then launch on the web server.





  • All Microsoft Visual C++ from 2008 (VC9) to 2015.
  • It runs around all hardware No specification required.
  • Notepad++  for editor environment.
  • Crome for the web environment.

Download WampServer


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